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Ralph E. Ellinwood Attorney at Law PLLC is a Wise Choice for You 

Rarely does anyone think about retaining a lawyer ... until they have to. 

The legal system, both criminal and civil, is complex and no place for the inexperienced.

When you are facing serious charges - charges with consequences for your freedom, finances and work or home life, it's time to enlist a lawyer with the expertise, experience and demonstrated dedication to represent you.

Ralph Ellinwood has over 40 years experience in criminal and civil law. He has represented people accused of life threatening crimes as well as those who are fighting for what is fair and just in civil cases.

That is why Ralph E. Ellinwood Attorney at Law PLLC is the best choice for you when it is time to obtain wise counsel. Because of his extensive experience in criminal law, Ralph E. Ellinwood is available to provide second opinions or act as Knapp counsel.

Sex Crimes

Sex crimes accusations have dire consequences.

Ralph Ellinwood has expertise, specialized training and experience in handling sex cases.

A Seasoned Trial Lawyer

Your lawyer should have extensive trial experience.

Ralph Ellinwood is a seasoned trial lawyer. 

Serious Criminal Cases

Serious Criminal Defense Picture

Serious crimes carry serious penalties.

Special circumstances -  immigration status or prior convictions, can increase that risk.

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