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Why Using Our Law Firm is a Wise Choice

Rarely does anyone retain a lawyer unless they have to. This choice is usually forced when a person faces a frightening and unhappy situation. The legal system, both criminal and civil, is complex and no place for the untrained. In navigating our legal system, without exception, everyone would benefit from the services of an experienced and well trained lawyer. That is why our firm is a wise choice when you need good counsel.  >>Read more about Ralph Ellinwood & Tyler Francis

DUI and Drugs

DUI and Drugs Image

Driving Under the Influence or “DUI” happen
when the police pull you over and decide that
you have something in your system.

While many things can cause impairment,
you can be arrested if you have alcohol or
drugs, either legal or illegal in combination

with some type of impairment.

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Why a Trial Lawyer

Most lawyers do not go to court. A small
percentage of lawyers regularly try cases
in court to judges and juries.

These are trial lawyers. Like most work
and professional specialties, it takes
years of experience to be a proficient
trial lawyer.

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Serious Criminal Cases

Serious Criminal Defense Picture

All criminal cases are serious. A conviction
for a crime even in City Court or Justice
Court can have serious life-long consequences.

This is especially true if you are not a
United States citizen. Convictions even in
these misdemeanor courts could result in your
deportation even if you are legally in the country. 

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