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Success Stories | Ralph E. Ellinwood

These are a few of Ralph Ellinwood's success stories. These cases are merely illustrative. Each case is unique and your case may not be resolved in exactly the same way.

United States District Court CR 2010-3260 PDF Print E-mail

United States District Court Arizona CR 2010-3260. Importation of more than 50 grams of methamphetamine. Mandatory 10 year minimum upon conviction. Government dismissed Indictment just weeks before trial.

Pima County Superior Court Case CR 60907 PDF Print E-mail

Pima County Superior Court CR 60907. Client charged with First Degree Murder for killing his wife. Not Guilty verdict at jury trial.

Pima County Superior Court CR 2001-1933 PDF Print E-mail

Pima County Superior Court CR 2001-1933. Client charged with Armed Robbery of a bank. Not Guilty at jury trial

Cochise County Superior Court CV 200800983 PDF Print E-mail

Cochise County Superior Court CV 200800983. Our client sued for legal malpractice. Case successfully settled before trial.

Arizona District Court CR 05-1099-TUC-FRZ PDF Print E-mail

Arizona District Court CR 05-1099-TUC-FRZ. Client charged with numerous counts of possession of child pornography. There was extensive motion practice and a jury trial. Client convicted, however client sentenced to the minimum sentence of 5 years as opposed to the eighteen years sought by the prosecutor. The Appeals Court reversed the sentence finding the government had not proved three of the four counts. Case has been remanded to the trial court for resentencing. Client will no longer be subject to a mandatory minimum sentence.

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